Grüne Liga Thüringen e.V.

The environmental organisation GRÜNE LIGA e.V. was founded in 1990 as head-organisation for several environmental movements in the former German Democratic Republic (GDR). Thus, the roots of this organisation are mainly found in the eastern part of Germany. GRÜNE LIGA e.V. comprises five federal associations in different federal states in eastern Germany with a head office in Berlin. Main topics, GRÜNE LIGA e.V. deals with are: water management, clean soil and air, organic agriculture and biodiversity.

Since 1993, GRÜNE LIGA Thüringen e.V. is the thuringian branch of the GRÜNE LIGA e.V. It is an independent associate, working in the field of traditional orchard farming, renewable energies, sustainable development, environmental policy and consulting. The Thuringian branch comprises several regional organisations.

GRÜNE LIGA Thüringen is co-founder of Consumer Advice Center of Thuringia, Thüringer Ökoherz and AkUTh, a study group, promoting environmental education projects and their networking in Thuringia. Since 1995 serveral envirironmental education projects were carried out. GRÜNE LIGA Region Weimar e.V.  operates two so-called "Apfelerlebniskisten" ("boxes of experience"), offering materials, explaining traditional orchards and furthermore two manual fruit squeezers, allowing people (also youngsters) to produce their own juice.

In 2009 GRÜNE LIGA Thüringen e.V. started a marketing project named “ObstNatur in aller Munde”. The project comprises three modules. Environmental education, care & management workshops and marketing a mobile fruit squeezer and organic products, such as pear- and apple juice and sparkling apple soda. Further information can be found in the internet at



Grüne Liga Thüringen e.V.

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