Social Ecological Institute

Social Ecological Institute is a non profit organisation, officially registered in 1990. SIE's statutory aims include pro-ecological activities, supporting sustainable development in rural areas, furthermore conducting and supporting various forms of ecological education.

The most important projects include: A model of agro-biodiversity in the Kurpie region; a Campaign against GMO and pesticides; Between Narew and Bug Rivers - a partnership for ecological effectiveness; A model ecotourism network between Bug and Narew; the creation of a Polish ecotourism certification system.

International projects: Green Bridge between Munich-Warsaw-Odessa, common ways of sustainable development Belarus-Poland-Germany, supporting organic farming and local processing, in Georgia, Variety Means Life - an LLP project with partners from Austria, Germany, Hungary, Denmark, implementing Green Energy in Moldova; local gene banks in Armenia, Ecosynergy 50+ - a senior volunteer project with Germany and Greece.

Protection and promotion of traditional orchards

One of the topics of SEI activities is protection and promotion of traditional orchards - more than 25000 trees of local fruit varieties were planted in landscape parks, rural advisory centres, farm- and monastery gardens; additionally a nursery of traditional varieties and regional collections was established.

SIE carries out various forms of ecological and civil education for adults and children. Target groups mainly include farmers, rural self-governing bodies and agricultural schools.

The organisation has established many contacts to local self-governing bodies, local NGOs, rural women and farmers. SIE cooperates closely with scientists and experts in Poland and Europe, with Polish, foreign and international NGOs and networks.

SIE is member of: the Polish network of environmental organizations, Polish Green Net, the Climatic Coalition; the international network WECF (Women in Europe for Common Future), the International Ecotourism Society, the Pan-Europe Network and cooperates with Greenpeace, WWF and FoEE.

SIE’s various publications:„The SIE’s Library”, a series of thematic books (organic farming, genetic resources in agriculture, Polish ornamental gardens, traditional orchards, monastery gardens – centres of biodiversity, Eco), reports, posters, leaflets and DVD movies, such as: “A new tale of monastery orchards” and “The Kurpie model of agro biodiversity”.

Social Ecological Institute

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