Ecological Institute for Sustainable Development

The mission of  Ecological Institute for Sustainable Development, est. 1992 is the promotion of sustainable development, improvement of ecological culture, education towards global thinking, and – throughout all these – elaboration of fundamentals to transfer sustainable development from theory into every-day practice, as well as awareness training.

Activities of the Ecological Institute Foundation cover:

1. monitoring the state of the environment, analysis and evaluation

2. development and promotion of sustainable practice in the utilisation of resources

3. designing farming ecosystems matching natural conditions, contribution to the development of such systems

4. development and promotion of ecological culture, awareness raising and education, promotion of environmental (ecological) education

5. ecological consumer education and protection.

The number of permanent staff members is 12.



Ecological Institute for Sustainable Development

Kossuth utca 13.
H-3525 Miskolc

Fon: (+36) 46 588-699
Fax: (+36) 46 505-768