Processing and Marketing: Austria OIKOS, OWET, UBZ

Hirschbirne-pear brandy sparkling wine juice (OIK)
Hirschbirne-pear jelly chocolate cider (OIK)
brandy alcoholstrenght of brandy (OWET)
brandy bottled pear brandy (OIK)
brandy fruit brandy tasting (OIK)
brandy fruitmill (OWET)
brandy processingpear (OWET)
dried fruit Hirschbirne (OIK)
dried fruit apple chips (OWET)
dried fruit apple chips different temperatures (OWET)
dried fruit apple chips storage (OWET)
dried fruit pear drying (OWET)
dried fruit pest Indian Meal Moth (OWET)
dried fruit pest Indian Meal Moth control (OWET)
dried fruit traditional oven (OIK)
farmers shop-fruit products (OIK)
juice apple juice and cider (OIK)
juice bottle soaking wheel (OIK)
juice bottling-checking bottles (OIK)
juice bottling plant (OIK)
juice clarification fining (OWET)
juice clarifier (OWET)
juice filtration-layered filter (OWET)
juice filtration and filling device (OWET)
juice filtration system (OWET)
juice fruit mill (OIK)
juice pack press (OIK)
juice pasteurising machine (OWET)
juice stainless steel juice tanks (OIK)
juice stainless steel juice tanks (OIK)
juice target pasteurisation temperature (OWET)
requirements labelling and packaging (OWET)
requirements processing room (OWET)
brandy alcoholmeasurement (OWET)
brandy distillery (OIK)
brandy modern destilling machine (OWET)
brandy pH-measurement (OWET)
brandy storage (OWET)
brandy tradional destiller (OWET)
brandy yeastpreparation (OWET)
dried fruit peeling machine (OWET)
juice (OWET)
juice bag in box filling (OWET)
juice filling machine (OWET)
juice fruit mill and press (OIK)
juice redjuice (OWET)
juice small scale squeezing machine (OWET)
juice traditional squeezig (OWET)
juice traditional squeezing (OWET)
requirements HACCP (OWET)
requirements work with correct clothing (OWET)