Blomstergaarden is a small private research centre near Viborg in Denmark. We maintain a collection of about 700 different old and new varieties of apple-, pear-, plum-, cherry- and fruit berry trees, furthermore many other different fruits and berries. At Blomstergaarden there are also over 200 different varieties of crab-apple-trees, mountain ash and other ornamental forms of fruit threes. The Blomstergaarden collections build the backup for the Pometet Institute of The University of Copenhagen (NordGen). They cooperate, collecting genetic material of fruit from Danish gardens on behalf of Denmark's Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries.

Blomstergaarden is open to the public every year from May till mid October, so it is possible to follow the fruit trees from flowering in spring to crop in autumn and also to sample fruits. We research in fruit-history in Denmark and locally in the middle of Jutland. Ornamental form of fruit tress is another part of our research, especially crab apples. Blomstergaarden wish to keep and increase biodiversity in fruits.

Fruit related education and guided tours 

We produce fruit trees for the collection at Blomstergaarden and for private sales, museums and traditional orchards. Every year, on the 3rd weekend in September, we arrange the ‘Fruit Festival’. In spring, summer and autumn we have many visitors. We arrange fruit related education and guided tours for individuals and small groups. We examine different varieties of fruit in respect of their household properties. We test and introduce fruit trees and berries from other countries, mostly from America and Eastern Europe, Sweden and Finland.

In education, collection and distribution of fruit trees and their history, we cooperate with Dansk Landbrugs­muse­um, Gl. Estrup and the Pometet Institute of The University of Copenhagen.

It is our desire to learn about growing and use of fruit in other EU countries, to meet other fruit experts and to inform about fruit growing and fruit use in Denmark.




Bjerringholmvej 14
8830 Tjele

Fon: +45 866 512 88